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We are pleased to announce that we have recently installed a new pay-as-you-go smart charging point at Ecotone Cabins.

Our charging point is powered by VoltShare and is compatible with all modern electric cars.

EV drivers looking to visit us now never need to worry about running out of charge or stopping over at in-transit rapid charging points before arrival; no more range anxiety! We are excited to be part of the zero-emission revolution, promoting clean transport and healthier highland skies. Our rates are competitive with other local charging options and the income from the charger goes back into our regenerative projects at Leckmelm Wood.

As part of their commitment, VoltShare has also recaptured 2000-3000 kg of CO2 for charging point installed.

We can provide a type 2 cable as required. The maximum power output of the charger is 22kW, so a full charge on most cars should take 3-4 hours.

Download & Install the app to use the charger.

How to charge in 4 simple steps

1. Connect your EV & Scan the QR code on the charging point

2. Enter your payment card in the VoltShare app

3. Start charging

4. Unplug your EV to end the session

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