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Croft No 1.

Croft No. 1, Woodland Croft: is a registered woodland croft situated in the centre of Leckmelm Wood. The croft has two large agricultural polytunnels that produce fruit and vegetables and are available as a shared resource with Kinder Croft CIC. The croft also produces free-range eggs for sale. There is ongoing development on the croft to create additional outdoor growing of vegetable produce, and plans to trial a pioneering outdoor fruit growing project. This is part of our goal to improve the self-sufficiency, biodiversity and longer-term sustainability of Leckmelm Wood and our wider community. Our objective is to create an organic forest garden that produces a variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs and other produce that will help contribute to the local food economy. We are gradually working to diversify the habitat of the previously homogeneous conifer plantation, so our forest gardens are planted with a range of species that offer food and shelter to other non-human species too. We are strongly motivated by the desire to build an inspirational & educational example of alternative land management possibilities applicable in the Highlands of Scotland.


Ecotone Cabins supports Croft No. 1, by providing a significant ongoing financial contribution to the maintenance and development of our shared mutual resources. This includes access tracks, footpaths, signage, utilities, services and other overheads necessary for the continued prosperity of both organisations. Guests at Ecotone Cabins benefit from produce from Croft No. 1, included in their welcome basket and for purchase when available. Guests also have the option to engage further with the croft through guided tours.

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