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Regenerative Tourism

At Ecotone Cabins we want to do tourism that has a positive impact on our local environment and communities. We run a tourism business that promotes and facilitates the regeneration of the land around us and benefits the people who inhabit it. We believe that getting this right on a local scale is the best way for us to contribute on a global scale.


Ecotone Cabins are situated in their own clearing on the edge of Leckmelm Wood. The Wood is a 32-hectare, former Forestry Commission Scotland mixed conifer plantation, comprising Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir, Scots Pine & Lodgepole Pine. Our family, along with a family friend, purchased the forest in 1992. The forest has been our home since then and we are gradually working to restructure the previously unmanaged and relatively species-poor plantation. We are striving to form a more diverse woodland that offers a healthier, more productive & abundant ecosystem for the people and all the wildlife that inhabits it.


The income from the cabins is used to support the regenerative development and management of Leckmelm Wood. We seek to bring about wider positive social & ecological change by providing an inspiring exemplar of lower impact, environmentally conscientious, community-engaged enterprise and restorative land management.

What we are doing

Ecotone Cabins offers high quality self-catering accommodation for visitors who care about the places they visit. We also run a family of other family businesses that are all based in Leckmelm Wood. These organisations focus on achieving positive change in their individual fields, while also working together to help support the regenerative management of the wood.

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