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  • How accessible are the cabins?
    Our cabins have relatively good accessibility but they are compact spaces so unfortunately, they are not suitable for everyone. They have front-door parking & level ground-floor access with no steps. The main living areas have doorway widths of >800mm Some bedrooms and bathrooms have doorway widths <800mm We would not consider the cabins to be fully wheelchair accessible to all rooms. The cabins are located in a quiet and generally safe environment. We are very happy to speak with you and see if there is any more information we can provide to help you make your decision.
  • Can I drive to the cabins?
    Yes. There is a good gravel vehicle track right to the front door of each cabin.
  • Can I park at the cabins?
    Yes. Each cabin has its own parking space right outside and there is spare space for visitor parking.
  • Do you have Electric Vehicle charging?
    Each cabin has a dedicated 3kW 13A outdoor socket in the porch area that is within reach of the car park for most portable domestic (granny) charger cables. We also have a short specialist heavy-duty extension cable in case the portable charger cable is too short. Ullapool is 2.5 miles away and has three separate high-speed chargers at different sites.
  • Is there a wood-burning stove?
    No, sorry. The cabins are highly insulated and have zoned underfloor heating throughout. They are very warm and comfortable, but they do not have a wood-burning stove. There is an outside firepit with a free bucket of wood and kindling.
  • Can I smoke at the cabins?
    The cabins and deck spaces are no smoking areas. This includes e-cigarettes/vaping. The hard gravel parking area is designated for smoking and there is a sand-filled butt bin provided. Our cabins are timber and they are located in a forest, so accidental fire is a big concern to us! Please help us keep safe by being extra careful with cigarettes and fire during your stay.
  • Can I bring my pet?
    Regretfully we do not accommodate pets at the cabins. We apologise if this is a restriction for you.
  • What is there to do nearby?
    We are located in a fantastic part of the world and there is a whole range of things to do. We supply our guests with a Digital Guidebook that provides loads of useful information, suggestions and inside tips on things to do.
  • Can I get there by public transport?
    You can, and some of our guests do. As with most rural areas, it isn't as easy as it should be, but we are happy to try and help with your effort. The main bus route goes from Inverness to Ullapool and it is normally possible to get dropped off at the bottom of our driveway. If you do end up in Ullapool, then there is a local taxi service or we can arrange to pick you up. There is also an off-road route from the cabins to Ullapool, but it's at least an hour and requires good footwear and backpackable luggage.
  • Can I walk to Ullapool?
    There is also an off-road route from the cabins to Ullapool that goes along track, footpath and pavement. It takes at least an hour and is usually wet underfoot, so we would recommend good boots. It's a nice walk and a good way to get to/from Ullapool, but if you are coming or going with your luggage then we would recommend a taxi or let us give you a lift.
  • Do you have a hot tub?
    No, sorry. We would like to get a wood-burning outdoor bath, fueled by our homegrown renewable timber. We do not feel that an electric or non renewably powered hot tub is consistent with our intention to operate a sustainable tourism business.
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