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Image by Vincent Erhart

The West Edge

The West Edge: is an off-grid smallholding located at one corner of Leckmelm Wood. It is home to a pioneering forest garden and a herb, tree and wildflower nursery. It offers a unique venue for a diverse range of community-based educational, entertainment, and wellbeing activities and workshops. This includes hosting local Primary and High School outdoor activities, open-air live gigs, a drop-in a Repair Cafe, and a whole range of other skills workshops in the areas of practical ecology, sustainability, self-sufficiency, and permaculture. The West Edge is a place where things are constantly being fixed, rescued and repaired, helping to reduce consumption and waste. It’s a place where folk who need a bit of help, materials, or a special tool are always welcome.


Ecotone Cabins and the West Edge collaborate to offer guests the opportunity to learn practical skills, knowledge and experiences that help promote more sustainable ways of living, connectedness to our environment, and individual and community wellbeing. The West Edge also provides eggs and produce that is available for purchase by Ecotone guests.

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