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North Woods

North Woods Construction Ltd: was formed in 1998 out of the North Woods partnership which had been designing and delivering timber structures, mobile sawmilling, and small-scale native woodland establishment in the northern Highlands since 1983. We utilise Spruce, Douglas Fir, and Scots Pine from Leckmelm Wood to create high-quality, more sustainable timber buildings of all kinds, from sheds to high-spec eco-homes. Our business was founded on the use of home-grown and other responsibly sourced timber and the desire to create examples of how building in Scotland could be done better.


Everyone in the North Woods team has a fundamental understanding of sustainability and ecology through either training or upbringing. We all aspire to run a business and live lives that are congruent with the awareness that this background gives us.


Ecotone Cabins was conceived, designed and crafted by the North Woods team, from the ground up. Except for the plumbing and certified electrics, we did absolutely everything in-house, from digging the groundworks to arranging the flowers for the staging. Ecotone Cabins are an embodiment of the values of North Woods Construction, and as such also serve to promote them. At North Woods, we have been motivated to promote pioneering sustainable timber building technologies because we want the buildings people live in to be better, for them and for the environment. We give support and assistance to people to help them build their own better buildings, and we create timber dwellings that offer inspiration on how sustainable, healthy, comfortable and beautiful homes in Scotland could be.

Ecotone Cabins offer guests the chance to experience living in a tangible examples of how small scale, low impact, high efficiency, comfortable, healthy and beautiful housing can be done. We believe in providing and promoting models for better housing in Scotland. We want to give our guests a taste of a different way of living, and can offer knowledge, expertise and support to help them start their own journeys in this direction if they are interested.

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